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Re-exporter of the year 2014


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SK Motors

An esteemed automotive hub in the heart of the UAE, dedicated to global service since 1996. Our mission is to facilitate individuals and businesses in exporting vehicles to their chosen destinations, transforming aspirations into reality.

The reasons why clients choose us

Available stock year round

Professional and friendly staff

Great deals at best rates

Quick and complete paperwork


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We can help you order. You can visit page “How to order” or you can contact us to know more.

We export to all over the globe.

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Car news

Who is the new toy on the block?

Shining through it’s ivory leather, the talk of the town is here to stay.

New cars on offer this season

As summer approaches we welcome you to our home to join the team.

The best road trips in Africa

It is time to take to the road. Test out your new car and see how far you can go on the map without missing home.

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